or .com: A new look and a new name

You may notice a new banner at the top of this page. Yes, I’ve removed the Bay Bridge motif and replaced it with images from some of the theaters I write about. And I’ve also removed .net from the blog’s official title.

When I started this blog more than ten years ago, I wanted the URL Unfortunately, it wasn’t available. Much to my shock and surprise, it was owned by someone on the East Coast. Imagine that! We’re not the only bay.

A few weeks ago, became available, and I bought it right away. Then I sat on it until I had time to do something about it.

Now I’ve done it. Click on, and it will bring you to this blog. is still the default domain name, although I may change that eventually.

Whether I make that change or not, I can now just call the blog Bayflicks. People and browsers will assume the .com, and that will work.

So the next question: Should I grab, as well?