Return to the UC Theatre

Thursday night, I attended an open house at the UC Theatre, once my shrine to the art and joy of cinema. As I mentioned back in April, The Berkeley Music Group plans to reopen the UC next year as a music venue.

I was surprised by how much the theater hasn’t changed. It was in pretty bad condition, but the walls, the surround speakers, and the seats were as they always were.


Excuse the image quality of the picture above. The camera in my phone doesn’t do well with low light conditions.

Unfortunately, we were only allowed in the lobby and in a small corner of the back of the auditorium. If I had been able to walk down the aisle to the third row center, where I had spent so much time, I might have cried.

On the other hand, from what I could see, the seats in the front center section have been removed.

Of course I’d rather the UC be re-opened as a repertory house–the Castro East, so to speak. But alas, that’s not where the money is. Hopefully, they’ll install good projectors and use it as a movie venue as well as a musical one.

One thought on “Return to the UC Theatre

  1. Lincoln, thanks for your comments about the revival of the U.C. Theater. I know David Mayeri, have been to the U.C. Theater a few months ago and heard about his plans to bring it back as a venue for live performances. I’m really impressed with him and his plans and I think he has a very good chance of succeeding.

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