The Mendocino Film Festival

The little town of Mendocino is my favorite getaway spot–a great place to decompress. And I love film festivals. So clearly, the Mendocino Film Festival sounds like a perfect weekend.

Or does it?

The Festival runs May 31 – June 2.

Set on a particularly dramatic spot on the Northern California coast, Mendocino combines dramatic scenery, art galleries, quaint architecture, a great health food store, and the near-constant sound of ocean meeting land. You can spend all day exploring the nooks and crannies of the seashore, and never be too far from the center of town.


The IntouchablesMuch of what they’re showing is familiar. They’re showing Chasing Ice, Searching for Sugar Man, and The Intouchables (see my review), plus some documentaries that have been making the festival rounds lately, such as God Loves Uganda and Rebels with a Cause. They’ve got Buster Keaton classics, as well: The General and a trio of shorts. These will be accompanied by the Alloy Orchestra.

The GeneralMendocino doesn’t actually have a movie theater. They’ll be erecting a large tent for screenings (probably the same one they use for the Music Festival). They’ll also use the high school theater for some screenings. And they will screen films in theaters not located in Mendocino (although they’re all in Mendocino county).

One venue is quite far away, in Willits. That’s an hour’s drive according to Google Maps. However, that appears to be used only for opening night. That should give you time for the drive.

Speaking of driving time, I won’t be including this festival in the Current Festivals section of my Blogroll, or listing it in my newsletter. Mendocino is too far away to call it part of the Bay Area.

Tempting as it sounds, I won’t be attending. Not only can I not spare the time (or the money), but I suspect I’d feel awfully conflicted. I wouldn’t know whether to go inside for a movie or outside to enjoy the view.