SFIFF: Animated Shorts

This afternoon, I dropped in at the New People Cinema for a show of animated shorts. This series will not screen again at the festival.

You'll inevitably find wonderful and disappointing works in any such collections. I'll just tell you about my favorites.

Tram: A commuter tram filled with businessmen heads off into the world of the woman driver's sexual fantasies. The story and imagery gets more obscene, and funnier, every minute.

Bite of the Tail: This moody mini-drama explores a married couple in crisis. She's having health problems. He appears to be shirking his work. Snakes are involved.

Eyes on the Stars: The true story (or anecdotes from the true story) of Ronald McNair, an African-American astronaut who died in the Challenger explosion.

Lumerence: I'm not sure what this one was about, but it sure was beautiful to look at.