SFIFF: Kanbar Award Recipient Announced

The San Francisco International Film Festival announced the recipient of this year’s Kanbar Award for excellence in screenwriting: Eric Roth.

I didn’t recognize the name either. But then, screenwriters are rarely celebrated–at least as screenwriters. His best-known film is probably Forrest Gump, a big commercial and critical hit (and Oscar winner) that’s no longer as well loved as it once was.

Other films he worked on include Munich (which he wrote with Tony Kushner), Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and The Horse Whisperer. He also did some work on Akira Kurasawa’s penultimate film, Rhapsody in August, although the nature of that work is unclear; his credit says only "special thanks."

Compared to previous years’ Kanbar ceremonies, his special event is surprisingly late in the day and late in the festival. It’s on Wednesday, May 8, at 8:30, at the Kabuki. After a Q&A, they will screen The Insider, a drama about the tobacco industry that I remember liking when it was new.