Important Notice for Those Receiving Bayflicks by Mail

Hello, readers.

Some of you may be receiving the weekly Bayflicks newsletter via the RSS-to-Email service Feed My Inbox. I’ve been promoting that site for people who just want to receive the Friday morning "What’s Screening" newsletter via email.

If you’re one of those people, you should know that Feed My Inbox will stop its service on January 10. If you don’t act before then, my newsletter will cease to appear in your inbox.

What should you do instead?

You can subscribe directly to the blog, including the newsletter, via the Email Subscription option at the top of the top of the left column on this page, above the Categories section. The only problem: You’ll get not only the newsletter but every Bayflicks post.

Actually, I hope you don’t consider that a problem.

If you only want to receive the newsletter, and you want it via email, I recommend picking another RSS-to-Email service. But as Feed My Inbox is the second such service that I recommended for this purpose and that died on me, I’m reluctant to recommend another. You can find several by clicking here.

The URL for the RSS newsletter-only feed is