What’s Screening: August 31 – September 6

The United Film Festival runs throughout the week at the Roxie.

Not much to discuss this week.

A- Doctor Zhivago, Kabuki & various CineMark Theaters, Thursday. Not quite as good as Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean’s follow-up still packs a reasonably big wallop. But then, I’m a sucker for epics about ordinary people trying to live their lives while others make history all around them. In this case, the history is the Russian Revolution and subsequent civil war. Against that background, we have the story of a decent man torn between his wife and another woman who is so clearly his soul mate. I’m even willing to forgive the casting of Omar Sharif, who doesn’t look Russian but still gives a fine performance. For more on the big-screen Zhivago experience, see Dr. Zhivago at the Cerrito.

C Vertigo, Castro, Friday through Monday. What? I’m not recommending VertigoYes, I know that Sight and Sound has declared it the greatest film ever made, and there won’t be a chance to correct that error until 2022. Nevertheless, Vertigo tops my list of the Most Overrated Films of All Time.This isn’t like any other Alfred Hitchcock movie; it’s slow, uninvolving, and self-consciously arty. On the other hand, the Castro is showing it in 70mm, which is special; I’ve even increased its grade from a D to a C in honor of the larger format.