The New Pacific Film Archive Calendar

The Pacific Film Archive is still on its winter hiatus, and will remain so until January 12. But the January/February schedule is out, so we have some idea of what’s ahead.

This is an auteur heavy schedule, with four series devoted to particular filmmakers (two American, two French): Henri-Georges Clouzot, Howard Hawks, Robert Bresson, and Gregory J. Markopoulos. Hawks is the best-known of them–at least to American filmgoers–and has the biggest retrospective. Howard Hawks: The Measure of Man will run through this schedule and well into the next one, going from January 13 through April 17. Sticking to films appearing on this schedule, we’ll get a chance to see all his major works and several minor ones through His Girl Friday (1940). Several mostly-forgotten silent are included, all with Judith Rosenberg on the piano.

I know Clouzot, sometimes called “The French Hitchcock,” primarily from one film, The Wages of Fear (screening January 21). I’m looking forward to getting to know his other works; especially the highly-regarded Diabolique.

The annual African Film Festival presents seven features from late January through early February. Oddly, the opening film is reasonably well-known and not from Africa; it’s the American-made, shot-in-San Francisco Medicine for Melancholy.

Dizzy Heights: Silent Cinema and Life in the Air looks like fun. Co-presented by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, this brief, four-day series will present three science fiction features and an afternoon of shorts about air and space travel from the first three decades of the last century. Everything will have live music, of course.