The San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation Takes Over the Balboa

The San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation, which runs the Vogue, is joining forces with current Balboa manager Gary Meyer to keep that theater open. (I bet you didn’t even know it was in danger of closing.)

The Balboa was built in 1926, making it one of the oldest continuing movie theaters in the Bay Area. The already small theater was split into a duplex in the 1970s.

Details haven’t been announced yet, but the foundation is leasing the theater through 2024, which suggests a reasonably long commitment. The Foundation will host an open house at the Balboa to discuss plans for the theater. The event will be on Saturday, November 5, at 10:00am.

But I already know of one important difference in how the Balboa will be run: During Meyer’s reign, it was a for-profit institution (although I doubt it was often profitable). Now it will be run by a non-profit. That means you can now make donations to help pay for necessary repairs. Visit the Foundation’s web site and click the Join & Donate link on the left.