Red Vic in Trouble

In 1980, the Red Vic became a movie theater and devoted itself to repertory cinema. Back then, its competition was from other revival houses. Today, most of that competition is gone, and it struggles to compete with DVDs and Netflix.

The competition is much harder.

Those who read today’s Chronicle Datebook section know that the Haight Ashbury’s cooperatively owned and operated movie theater is in serious financial trouble. Deeply in debt and behind on the rent, it’s survival is in question. "June and July seem likely,” Red Vic spokesperson Claudia Lehan told Chronicle reporter Pam Grady. “And after that — we’re really not sure …” (The article is currently available online only to subscribers. The general public will be able to read it on Friday.)

If you want to keep the Red Vic alive, please patronize it. Even better, make a donation to the theater. Best yet, do both.

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