Newsletter Addendum: Mill Valley Film Festival

As I mentioned a while back, other responsibilities have pushed Bayflicks further back on my priorities list. That’s the only excuse I can think of this oversight.

In last week’s newsletter, I completely forgot to mention the opening of the Mill Valley Film Festival Thursday night. Nor did I post anything on the opening film, which I saw at a press screening.

So the following paragraph should have been in last week’s newsletter:

A The King’s Speech, Rafael, Thursday, 7:00. George VI (the Duke of York through much of the film, and kingsspeechBertie to his family) doesn’t want to live in the limelight. But fate forces that job onto the shy, reluctant man with a very bad stammer. Terrified, he turns to Australian immigrant Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush at his most impish) for help with his speech impediment. The relationship doesn’t start well. Logue begins with asking him personal questions, telling him not to smoke, and insisting they be on a first-name basis. For a man raised to believe in the importance of formal ceremonies meant to elevate his family above everyone else, this commoner’s disregard for tradition and class structure is shocking and confusing. And for the audience, hilarious. While not quite a comedy, The King’s Speech manages to deliver far more laughs than the average drama, capturing the conflicts and absurdities of modern monarchies with grace, humor, and a fine rebellious streak.