VIZ Cinema Added to Bayflicks

I’ve added a new theater to the Bayflicks list, VIZ Cinema. Located near Japantown and the Kabuki, the Viz seats only 143 and projects film and HD video. It has THX-certified sound. It specializes in Japanese cinema.

In fact, I found out about it from a comment on my The Bad Sleep Well piece. Thanks, Brian, for bringing this to my attention.

Next Friday, the Viz launches a week-long series on Kurosawa’s crime films. Expect more in my next newsletter.

June 6: I’ve altered this post to correct a factual error. When I originally wrote this, I mistakenly thought that the VIZ only projected video.

2 thoughts on “VIZ Cinema Added to Bayflicks

  1. You’re very welcome! I hope the word gets out on the VIZ programming for June- it’s the kind of thing I hope they do more of, at least periodically (though if they turned into a full-time venue for Toho, Shochiku, NIkkatsu, Daiei, etc. classics, i wouldn’t be disappointed at all!)

    One thing: I know that VIZ does screen a fair amount of its programming on HD video, but I’m not sure where you’re getting the impression that all of it is shown that way. Their website advertises the Kurosawa, Ozu and Mizoguchi films as 35mm presentations, and when I went there to see Shinji Aoyama’s Sad Vacation I could have sworn it was a (slightly ragged) 35mm print that I saw. And if they pulled the digital wool over my eyes, they’ve done the same to the sticklers over at the Film on Film Foundation as well.

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