What’s Screening: May 14 – 20

By the time you read this, I’ll be in New York City for my son’s graduation. Don’t expect many posts this week. Among the events I’ll miss is the first half of I Still Wake Up Dreaming, a film noir series at the Roxie.

A Trouble in Paradise, Stanford, Saturday through Tuesday. What’s so fascinating and entertaining about witty, sophisticated crooks that makes us want to root for them? I’m not sure, but this near-perfect pre-code screwball proves that whatever it is, it works. Yet another wonderfully amoral Lubitsch comedy about sex, love, money, and larceny. On a double-bill with Love Me Tonight, which I’ve never even heard of.

A+ Some Like It Hot, United Artists Berkeley, Thursday, 8:00. Maybe this isn’t, as thesomelikehot American Film Institute called it, the greatest American film comedy yet made. But Billy Wilder’s farce about desperate musicians, vicious gangsters, and straight men in drag definitely belongs in the top 20. And its closing line has never been beat.

B+ Ghostbusters, Piedmont, Friday and Saturday, midnight; Sunday, 10:00am. Comedy rarely gets this scary or visually spectacular. Or perhaps I should say that special-effects action fantasies rarely get this funny. Either way, it’s not a bad way to stay up late-or to enjoy a Sunday morning.

C- Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone, Lark, Sunday, 10:30. Although entertaining, the first Harry Potter novel showed little of the power, complexity, character, wit, and entertainment value of the sequels. The first Harry Potter movie, trying desperately to be as faithful to the book as possible, showed even less. Skip the movie, read the book, and then read the rest of the books. Then you can enjoy the later movies, as well.