Coming Attractions

Just a quick note to share some upcoming events.

The Stanford will start a Kurosawa festival this Saturday. The schedule has yet to be announced, but it will tentatively start with Seven Samurai. Check here for more information.

And The San Francisco Silent Film Festival made an exciting announcement about their summer festival (July 15-18). If you follow silent film or restoration news, you probably know that a 16mm print of Metropolis was found in Venezuela a while back.metropolis This print contained many lost scenes, and appears to be director Fritz Lang’s long-sought original cut. Kino International immediately started the long job of giving the science fiction classic a new restoration, integrating the newly-discovered scenes.

That restoration is now complete, and the complete Metropolis had its restoration premiere at the Berlin Film Festival a few days ago.

It will get its Bay Area premiere at the Silent Film Festival, with accompaniment by the Alloy Orchestra. The exact date has yet to be announced.