Dark Times for San Francisco (and that’s good news)

It’s a dark and dirty world out there, filled with people who’d just as soon kill you as look at you…if there was a profit in it. You certainly can’t trust a beautiful dame. Oh, she’ll play with you until your mind turns to mush, take you for everything you got, then throw you over her shoulder and let you take the rap for that murder down the road.

The good news: Noir City returns to the Castro January 22–31. This year’s theme: Lust and Larceny—a pretty good summary of most noir plot devices.

Programmed this year by Anita Monga, the festival mixes some well-known classics in the rare treats that have always been its main attractions. This year these include The postman always rings twice, The Asphalt Jungle, and A Place In the Sun. Also on the schedule are Walk a Crooked Mile, Odds Against Tomorrow, and the newly-restored Cry Danger. Grover Crisp, Sony’s vice president of asset management and film restoration, will be on hand as part of a Bad Girls of Film Noir night (although I don’t think he counts as a bad girl).

Here’s a little fact about Noir City I didn’t know. All the proceeds go to film preservation. It’s a dark and dirty world out there, but there are some angels, after all.

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