Another Hole in the Head Festival

In my Worst Show On The Web talk last week, one of the hosts joked about a movie called Lesbian Vampire Killers, wondering whether the adjective Lesbian in the title referred to the vampires or the killers. I don’t know the answer, but either way, that movie could quality for either of two festivals running in the Bay Area next week.

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, devoted to horror and science fiction, runs June 5th through the 18th at the Roxie. And on the very day that festival closes, the LGBT festival Frameline opens at the Castro. It will run through the 28th. Frameline hasn’t been officially announced yet, so this week I’ll tell you about Hole in the Head.

The name has a double meaning. On one level, it acknowledges that the Bay Area needs another film festival like it needs a…you know. It also implies that if you attend, you’re going to see a lot of gushing blood, smashed brains, and other pleasantries.

I haven’t seen any of the 25 features announced, and I’m not sure I want to see that many of them. Among the more promising titles are Brain Dead Alive! (about a small-town man who tries to hide the fact that his mother has become a flesh eating Zombie), Ninja Pussy Cat, Monsters from the Id (a title any lover of Forbidden Planet can appreciate), Morgue Story, and Sex Galaxy

(I’m writing this in a public library, which is a bit of a problem because some of the photos on the festival web site aren’t really library appropriate. I think I better stop, now.)