More Bad News for Speakeasy Theaters

Less than two months after Speakeasy Theater’s flagship, the Parkway, suddenly closed, the chain may lose control of the Cerrito, as well. Last night the El Cerrito city counsel met publicly to discuss the fate of the city-owned, Speakeasy-operated theater.

According to a report from Friends of the Cerrito Theater (which had encouraged its members to attend the meeting), “The council voted 4-1 to authorize city staff to transition the theater to a new operator…and to take steps to terminate Speakeasy’s lease.”

The organization’s official opinion is that “this was the best outcome we could have expected.” The one council member who voted against the plan “did so because he wanted to give Speakeasy two more weeks before authorizing termination.”

Speakeasy, apparently, is having trouble paying the rent. “Start-up costs, high initial rent payments, and some economic and business factors are blamed for Speakeasy’s inability to keep current with its bills.”

The theater remains open, and any business you can throw its way would be a big help.