60’s Westerns SFIFF: Robert Redford & Sergio Leone

They keep dribbling out more news about the upcoming San Francisco International Film Festival.

Last week, they announced that Robert Redford will receive the Peter J. Owens Award for acting. (No, Peter J. Owens wasn’t an actor; he was a philanthropist.) He’ll receive the award at a big, expensive, black-tie affair April 30. But the night before he’ll be at the Castro for Q&A and the premiere screening of a new, restored print of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

And that’s not the only western from the late 1960s getting a restoration premiere at the festival. On Sunday, May 3, at 12:30, they’re screening the newly-restored Once upon a Time in the West.  The fourth film in his Man With No Name trilogy (and yes, I intended that to sound ludicrous), he replaces Clint Eastwood with Charles Bronson this time, and adds Jason Robards and Henry Fonda to the mix. Fonda does one of his rare villains, and a very evil one at that.