Oscars Away from Home

The Oscar ceremony–with or without screenwriters–is less than two weeks away. Most people have three options for Oscar night (Sunday, February 24 this year): You can stay at home and watch them on TV, attend a private Oscar party, or just ignore the whole thing.

But the type of people who visit Bayflicks have another option: Watch them at a theater. It’s the ultimate “Why leave the house and pay admission when I can watch it on TV?” question. And the answer is people, costumes, and public sarcasm.

At least I think that’s the answer, because I have yet to watch the ceremonies from anywhere other than my own couch. But that’s changing this year. I’m attending the Rafael‘s Oscar Night® America, the only such event in the Bay Area officially sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The event promises drinks, hors d’oeuvres, dinner, desert, a silent auction, and a telecast hosted by comedian Geoff Bolt. The whole thing is a benefit for CFI Education.

The Roxie’s Oscars Bash is also a benefit, but I doubt it would win Academy approval, even if their Web site thanks the organization “for giving us yet another opportunity to say ‘Up yours!’” They’re promising a “riotous and totally unforgiving ‘Up the Oscars!’ [where] no one gets away clean.”

Meanwhile, at the Balboa, you’re encouraged to dress up as a nominated film in the Richmond district’s Oscar Party. Prizes will go to the best costumes and guesses, and writer/performer Reed Kirk Rahlmann will provide entertainment during commercials.

The Lark’s plans sound similar, promising prizes for a ballot contest, most glamorous outfits, most creative costumes.

East Bay denizens not in the mood to cross water can get beer and wine with their Oscars (pizza, too), at either Speakeasy theater. The Cerrito party will sport the Thrillville vibe, with Will the Thrill and Monica the Tiki Goddess downstairs and Mr Lobo and the Queen of Trash upstairs. At the Parkway, the broadcast will be enhanced by those Rocky Horror veterans, Barely Legal Productions.

I only regret that I can attend but one Oscar event this year.

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  1. Geoff Bolt is amazing!! I can’t believe I missed an opportunity to see him again : ( When will you get back in the public eye, Geoff? We need your comic relief!

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