Big Changes at Bayflicks

It’s all too much. I’ve got a career, two kids at home, and a very busy wife. I spend more time at a computer than is healthy. Something has to give. And that something is going to be Bayflicks’ weekly schedules.

I realize that people find those schedules helpful, but they’re a huge time sink. I’ve reached the point where, when I hear about another film festival or classic film series, I don’t react with a cinephile’s delight. Instead I cringe at the prospect of additional work. I don’t go to movies because I’m too busy setting up a schedule for the week after next or updating the current ones. Now that’s ridiculous.

But this isn’t the end of I’m going to keep the blog going, hopefully indefinitely. I’ll probably redesign it in some ways, maybe phase out the microreview page (I’ll still write microreviews, but they’ll be regular postings), and start using the Category feature that I currently pretty much ignore.

And yes, I’ll still do the weekly newsletter of recommendations and warnings, although I won’t list the current Hollywood and Indiewood release week after week simply because it’s opening at a different Bayflicks-listed theater. I’ll review them when I see them.
Simply put, I’d rather write prose than copy and paste into a table, and I believe the blog is a better showcase for my abilities. The schedule for October 14 through October 20, currently up as Next Week’s Schedule, will be the last.