My Effect on the Government

Since I write about technology professionally, I should be used to my prose going out of date quickly. But Sunday just took the cake! In my full-length review of No End in Sight, I guessed that Karl Rove has already seen this film as he likes to keep tabs on his enemies.

So what happens Monday morning? Karl Rove resigns. The nerve!

It’s probably a coincidence, but just in case there’s some cause and effect involved:

I’m sure Dick Cheney has seen Sicko, as it will help remind our physically weak Vice President that he’s one of the few people in America with decent health care.

Alberto Gonzales has to have caught Stardust. It’s the perfect movie for a man who can’t separate fantasy from reality.

And, of course, Our Most Perfect and Beloved President„¢ has surely seen Live Free or Die Hard, because like John McClane, he’s the only person who can save America.

Okay, I await their resignations.

Speaking of disappointments, the Stanford has a week’s worth of 3D movies coming up…all in glorious 2D. That’s right. Saturday through Tuesday they’re presenting Dial “M” for Murder, the only 3D film made by one of film history’s great directors (Alfred Hitchcock). Then, Wednesday through Friday, they’re screening Creature from the Black Lagoon. And neither movie will be screened in 3D.

What makes this really sad is that, to my knowledge, the Stanford is one of only two theaters in the area equipped to project the dual-system 3D in which both movies were shot.

Oh, well.