The Last Sunday Newsletter

This is Bayflicks’ last Sunday newsletter.

No, I’m not giving up the site. I’m just moving the newsletter from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning, because movie recommendations are more useful before the weekend. The weekly schedules will still run from Sunday to Saturday because, damn it, the week starts on Sunday. Call me old-fashioned–I don’t even spell Bayflicks with an x. But my new policy means you’ll get two newsletters this week for the price of one. (Or, since the newsletter is free, that’s really two for the price of none.)

In other news, there’s a new Castro calendar out. A lot of people are still angry at the Castro for firing Anita Monga–hell, I’m still angry about it. But the new programmer, Richard Blacklock, seems intent on winning our love with some terrific movies. Among the coming revivals coming up are The Day the Earth Stood Still, Blow-Up, The Conformist, and Brazil. There’s also Two Thousand Maniacs and It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, although not, great as it would look on a marquee, as a double-bill. The new schedule also has plenty of obscure new films and two major film festivals. More details as the dates get closer.

One technical complaint about the new schedule: The online program notes are only in a ready-to-print PDF file, making it impossible for me to provide links to the individual movies. I’m hoping this is only temporary.

Just a handful of recommendations this week–more on Friday:

  • Recommendation: Ray continues its run at the Lark through Thursday.

  • Recommendation: If you can get away on Wednesday afternoon, the Pacific Film Archive will be showing My Darling Clementine at 3:00. This is one of the greatest westerns ever made, atmospheric, character-driven, and beautiful.

  • Recommendation: And The Lady Eve and Duck Soup play tonight at the Stanford. Two of the greatest comedies Hollywood ever made.