What’s Screening: January 17 – 23

What's in Bay Area outarthouse cinemas this week? A hilarious disaster. A real and tragic disaster. And movies by Spielberg, Forman, Fellini, Lumet, Keaton, and Varda. But no film festivals. <Sorry about that. I was running  a fever when I wrote that.> The Week's Big Event A Airplane! 40th anniversary, Castro, Sunday, 3:00They're flying on … Continue reading What’s Screening: January 17 – 23

What’s Screening: April 13 – 19

Women by Bergman and Altman, Eisenstein's love letter to Stalin, Jack Nicholson's first starring role, the movie that made Christopher Nolan famous, and the last few days of the SFFILM Festival. Festivals The San Francisco International Film Festival, the only festival running this week, continues through Tuesday, which is kind of weird, because the closing … Continue reading What’s Screening: April 13 – 19