What’s Screening: February 7 – 13

What's coming to Bay Area arthouse cinemas this week? One of last year's best films rereleased in black and white. Also pictures by Kurosawa, Varda, Lubitsch, and Huston. All that along with Rudolph Valentino, college students, the Oscars, and four film festivals. Festivals SF Urban closes Sunday SF IndieFest closes Thursday. Read my preview. Berlin … Continue reading What’s Screening: February 7 – 13

What’s Screening: January 31 – February 6

What's playing in Bay Area arthouse cinemas this week? A great Bogart double bill, a remake played for laughs, more Agnès Varda, a bit of Fellini, China's horrible birth control policy, and alcohol as the secret to a happy marriage. Also, three film festivals. Festivals Noir City closes Sunday. Read my preview. SF IndieFest continues through … Continue reading What’s Screening: January 31 – February 6

What’s Screening: December 13 – 19

Frank Capra's masterpiece. Cagney and Bogart. The movie that made Terry Gilliam famous and the one that created the word gaslighting. The creepy world of medieval Christianity. And remember, the family that runs an ambulance together struggles to make a living. All that and more on Bay Area movie screens this week. Festivals The last … Continue reading What’s Screening: December 13 – 19