What’s Screening: December 28 – January 3

Still no festivals. But as we move in 2013, we do have some good movies. A Lawrence of Arabia, Castro, Saturday through Monday. Lawrence isn’t just the best big historical epic of the 70mm roadshow era, it’s one of the greatest films ever made. Stunning to look at and terrific as pure spectacle, it’s also … Continue reading What’s Screening: December 28 – January 3

What’s Screening: September 21 – 27

The Third I South Asian Film Festival continues through Sunday (and will resurrect for one day next week). If you're looking for a strange, out-door movie-going experience, the Brainwash Movie Festival returns tonight and plays through Sunday. Berlin & Beyond, the Palo Alto Int'l Film Festival and Hong Kong Cinema all open Thursday night. B- … Continue reading What’s Screening: September 21 – 27

What’s Screening: March 9 – 15

Cinequest runs through Sunday, and the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival continues through the week. The San Francisco Dance Film Festival opens Friday. A Children of Paradise, Castro, Saturday. Shot while the Nazi occupation of Paris fell apart, Children of Paradise may be the most ecstatically French film ever made. A three-hour epic … Continue reading What’s Screening: March 9 – 15

Blu-ray Review: The Lady Vanishes

Alfred Hitchcock's first masterpiece brings almost as many laughs as thrills. The new Criterion Blu-ray gives this near-perfect entertainment a new polish and some interesting extras. The Lady Vanishes holds an interesting place amongst Hitchcock's work. It was his penultimate British film before going to America. It is, in my opinion, his first true masterpiece. … Continue reading Blu-ray Review: The Lady Vanishes