What’s Screening: July 13 – 19

Astaire and Rogers, Powell and Loy, Harryhausen and Disney, and the Wrath of Khan. Also Beatles, Chaplin, exploitation, five (count 'em, five!) film festivals, and love amongst the autistic - and all available this week on Bay Area movie screens. Festivals Modern Cinema/Black Powers: Reframing Hollywood continues. Read my preview. Charlie Chaplin Days opens tonight … Continue reading What’s Screening: July 13 – 19

A+ List: Top Hat (also To Be or Not to Be)

Few Hollywood features have celebrated their own wholly unreal artifice like Top Hat, the best Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical. Despite its contemporary setting (contemporary for 1935, the year it was released), it contains almost nothing that suggests the real world. Thanks to that artifice, the songs, the madcap comic dialog and hijinks, and most of … Continue reading A+ List: Top Hat (also To Be or Not to Be)