More on Samsara, 70mm, and 4K Digital Projection

I got a chance this morning to talk briefly with Samsara director Ron Fricke and his primary collaborator, producer/co-author Mark Magidson. With little time set aside for me, we agreed to stick to the technical, format aspects Samsara's production and presentation. Some background: Samsara is the first film since 1996 to be shot in the … Continue reading More on Samsara, 70mm, and 4K Digital Projection


B+ Religious documentary Directed by Vikram Gandhi Can a religious hoax improve people's lives? That wasn't the question New Jersey-born Vikram Gandhi planned to answer in his autobiographical documentary, but it soon became the central thesis of his story. And, at least if we take Gandhi's version of events at face value, the answer is … Continue reading Kumaré


A Documentary Directed by Ron Fricke How do you describe a feature-length, non-fiction motion picture without a story or words? How do you discuss something that works entirely on a sensory, emotional level, and yet still has a lot to say? Let me start with this: I sat, enraptured, throughout Samsara's entire 102 minutes, my … Continue reading Samsara