The Castro in November

The Castro‘s website kept us in suspense for a long time last month. Up until Halloween, we knew very little about what San Francisco’s revival palace was up to in the new month.

Well, now we know, and if you’re looking for classic cinema, it’s a disappointment. Here are the only 20th-century movies playing November at the Castro:

November 3: A John Carpenter double bill of Big Trouble In Little China and Escape From New York.

November 13:
Stand By Me, on a Stephen King double bill with this year’s It.

November 14: David Lynch’s only family-friendly movie, The Straight Story, on a double bill with this year’s Lucky.

November 18: Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, in a special show from Peaches Christ Productions.

November 19: Now here’s a great double bill! Rear Window and Blow-Up. Why didn’t anyone else think of this before.

November 22, 24 – 27, 29: Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast; the sing-along version.

Everything else is off-beat premieres, festivals, and special events.

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