They Released What on Blu-ray?

To my mind, no Hollywood features show off the virtues of Blu-ray better than the large format road-show spectaculars of the 1950s and ’60s. Indeed, 2001: A Space Odyssey was the first Blu-ray disc I bought. I’ve been delighted to see Sparticus, Patton, How the West was Won, and The Ten Commandments turn up on this best of all home video formats.

I was even glad to see The Sound of Music. I don’t care for the movie much, but it’s visually beautiful and I respect the fact that so many people love it. Besides, it’s harmless.

By why on Earth did 20th Century Fox bother to release The Bible: In the Beginning? The low point in John Huston’s career, it’s slow, dull, pondering, and pointless. What’s next? The Greatest Story Ever Told (AKA: The Most Boring Movie Ever Made)?

I don’t mind the studios scraping the bottom of the epic barrel, but why do it when they haven’t used up all the crème, yet. We’re still waiting for Lawrence of Arabia, West Side Story, and Ben Hur.