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Hello, readers.

Some of you may be receiving the weekly Bayflicks newsletter via the RSS-to-Email service Feed My Inbox. I’ve been promoting that site for people who just want to receive the Friday morning "What’s Screening" newsletter via email.

If you’re one of those people, you should know that Feed My Inbox will stop its service on January 10. If you don’t act before then, my newsletter will cease to appear in your inbox.

What should you do instead?

You can subscribe directly to the blog, including the newsletter, via the Email Subscription option at the top of the top of the left column on this page, above the Categories section. The only problem: You’ll get not only the newsletter but every Bayflicks post.

Actually, I hope you don’t consider that a problem.

If you only want to receive the newsletter, and you want it via email, I recommend picking another RSS-to-Email service. But as Feed My Inbox is the second such service that I recommended for this purpose and that died on me, I’m reluctant to recommend another. You can find several by clicking here.

The URL for the RSS newsletter-only feed is

This is a Test

This post is a test of WordPress for Android. I’m writing this one my Droid X.

I’m not as fast swyping as I am with a full-sized typewriter, but it’s faster than typing on a phone’s keyboard.

Limited Coverage

I was hoping to give the Mill Valley Film Festival significant coverage this year, as well some of the many other festivals going on and coming up. This time of year, the festivals really pile up.

Unfortunately, family obligations and work that actually pays—such as reviewing home theater equipment for PC World—has to take a priority. I won’t have much time for Bayflicks.

I’ll continue to do my weekly newsletter, but for the time being, I won’t be able to do much else here. I’ve got a couple of reviews, already written, that will be going up soon (in fact, one is going up just about now), but that’s about it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to increase coverage in a few weeks.

Tooting My Own Horn

I Googled classic blu-ray today because, well, it’s the sort of thing I’m likely to Google.

Guess what came up at the very top? An article I wrote for PC World back in November: 10 Blu-ray Titles That Show Off Classic Movie Formats.

VIZ Cinema Added to Bayflicks

I’ve added a new theater to the Bayflicks list, VIZ Cinema. Located near Japantown and the Kabuki, the Viz seats only 143 and projects film and HD video. It has THX-certified sound. It specializes in Japanese cinema.

In fact, I found out about it from a comment on my The Bad Sleep Well piece. Thanks, Brian, for bringing this to my attention.

Next Friday, the Viz launches a week-long series on Kurosawa’s crime films. Expect more in my next newsletter.

June 6: I’ve altered this post to correct a factual error. When I originally wrote this, I mistakenly thought that the VIZ only projected video.

No Newsletter This Week

Sorry, folks, but no newsletter this week. My mother died Sunday morning. Obviously, seeing what’s playing isn’t the top thing on my mind.

(Yes, posts went up Monday and Wednesday, but they were already written and set to go live automatically.)

I’m Back

More than four months after my last post (not counting the Soul Power review, which I’d written months before), I’m resurrecting Bayflicks. Without going into details, let’s just say I have a very busy summer, and not all of it was busy in a good way.

I got to very few movies during that time, and no festivals. As a blogger and as a moviegoer, I missed both silent film festivals, the Jewish Film Festivals, and Mill Valley. I’m currently missing Doc Fest. Even my mother-in-law said I need to get out to more movies.

I didn’t entirely miss the rebirth of the Cerrito, but I missed blogging about it—at least until now. I went to it twice over the summer (it’s in walking distance), but a lot of the flavor is gone. It’s now a first-run theater with couches and a good menu. When I was last there, it didn’t even have the menu, yet.

I even missed a chance to review the new (and already gone) Spike Lee joint, Passing Strange. That hurt.

Anyway, my life is returning to something resembling normal again. I intend to start seeing movies, in theaters, at home, and at press screenings. I’ll start paying attention to the festivals. I’ll even get back to my survey of Akira Kurosawa’s works.

It’s good to be back.


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